Give the gift of a GoFundMe Donation card!

Cross a name off your gift giving list and help our small business grow

We've had many supporters ask us how they can give the gift of a Peace By Chocolate GoFundMe donation to a friend or loved one for the holiday season or special occasion.

We were touched by this idea and so we are introducing Donation Cards!

Donation cards allow Peace by chocolate to send a unique thank you card to that special someone on your list for a birthday, the holidays or whatever you may be celebrating. We can also send it directly to you if you prefer!

Each Donation Card is hand signed by Tareq and his father Issam and includes a discount code for a future online order via the Peace By Chocolate website when our store comes online! 


Click here to Make a GoFundMe Donation online of $25 or more.

Be sure to add a comment that includes "GoFundMe Gift" so we can match your donation to your sending information.


Fill out your sending information in the form on this page. Be sure to use the same name as your GoFundMe donation so we can connect the two.

If your donation should be divided up between multiple people simply use the comment box in the form on this page to tell us the additional addresses and amounts donated on behalf of each address/name.


Relax and wait for the thank you's to roll on in!

We are humbled by this idea and hope it proves useful for your gift giving needs!

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Your name - the gift giver!
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