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Within months of arriving, the Hadhad's resurrected their chocolate business - with a meaningful new name - and now they're creating happiness AND jobs ! 

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Tareq Hadhad
CTV NEWS: Peace by Chocolate expanding!

“We didn’t come here to take anybody’s job,” Hadhad said. “We’ve just come here to create jobs and to contribute to the community of Antigonish that really helped us since the beginning.”

Tareq Hadhad

We Are Hiring!

The Hadhad family will be hiring full-time staff positions for Peace by chocolate.

Positions will start in early August, 2017.

Please forward a cover letter and resume by Friday, July 28th to our official email:
Or drop off your cover letter at:
Peace by Chocolate main store
32 Bay street Antigonish, NS.
Successful applicants only will be contacted for an interview.

CNN features Peace by Chocolate in its story!

CNN features Peace by Chocolate saying: 

"In Canada, one of the country's most talked-about -- and sought-after -- sweets companies is the product of a family's enormous loss.

Assam Hadhad launched Peace by Chocolate out of his kitchen in his adopted home of Antogonish in Nova Scotia after a missile struck his factory in Syria and his family finally decided to flee the danger and the death of the civil war. His family has now shared its story of displacement and new beginnings with audiences ranging from TED participants to the Canadian prime minister. As Assam's son Tareq, now studying in Canada after having been a medical student in Syria, says, "maybe we started from zero, but we brought our skills with us."

Tareq Hadhad

Proud to have been mentioned at the "We Are The Change series"! Check out Peace by Chocolate part of national and international change-making

Tareq Hadhad
Huffingntonpost : Peace by Chocolate - Canada's Hottest Chocolate company

-Peace by Chocolate- online store is running, selling assorted boxes of chocolates, molded into Middle Eastern symbols such as the Damascus rose, Egyptian pyramids, and patterns resembling Syrian architecture. Each piece is handmade with fair trade dark, white, or milk chocolate, as well as local organic honey, pure juices, nuts, fruits, and spices.

Tareq Hadhad
Why we chose to be ( .ca ) ? Proud New Canadians!

On choosing a .CA

By choosing a .CA domain name, Hadhad says, he knew his website would be trusted and respected by his customers all around the world.

Even though Hadhad plans on expanding his business internationally, he says that the .CA will forever remain his domain of choice to show the world that Peace by Chocolate is proudly Canadian. 

Tareq Hadhad
Headlining The Human Rights Conference

Hadhad has been involved in campaigns to support youth entrepreneurial skills as well as helping Syrian refugees around the world.

The conference, "Living Together: Understanding Human Rights and Diversity and working towards reconciliation" is free and will be held at the University of Calgary

Tareq Hadhad
Canada's National Museums celebrate Peace by Chocolate !

In less than 18 months of being in Canada, now our story is being considered and celebrated as one of the remarkable Nova Scotian stories during the last couple of decades... 
The Hadhads of Peace by Chocolate send much love and appreciation to this marvelous country as Proud Nova Scotians, Proud New Canadians!

Tareq Hadhad
راديو كندا: عائلة هدهد السوريّة تجربة ملهمة للسوريين في كندا

"شكرا لكم لكونكم مثالا استثنائيّا للقوّة والروح القياديّة والالتزام الذي يأتي مع استقدام أشخاص جدد إلى كندا"

بهذا الكلام توجّه رئيس الحكومة الكنديّة جاستن ترودو ترودو إلى عائلة هدهد السوريّة التي التقى اثنين من افرادها في مدينة سيدني في مقاطعة نوفا سكوشا.

Tareq Hadhad

A Syrian refugee whose family’s chocolate business in northern Nova Scotia was mentioned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the United Nations last year says he was denied entry to the U.S. over the weekend.

Christian Allaire